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Magnesium w/SRT

Magnesium w/SRT


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Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT


WHAT IS "SRT" AND WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? The "SRT" in Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT stands for Sustained Release Technology. Instead of the magnesium being dumped into your system all at once, SRT slows down the release of magnesium so it's spread out over 8 hours, which allows your body to absorb the maximum it needs... avoiding the dreaded digestive discomfort that high doses of most magnesium supplements can cause.


* Promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function.

* Promote athletic recovery.

* Support steady energy production.

* Promote healthy, restful sleep.

* Support a balanced response to stress.

* Maintain healthy blood pressure levels within normal range.

* Maintain healthy blood sugar/glucose levels within normal limits.

* Promote regularity and healthy digestion.

* Support the body's ability to properly dissolve and utilize calcium in joints, muscles, and arteries.

* Support respiratory and cardiovascular health.

* Support healthy hormonal balance—especially in connection with the female cycle.

* Support overall bone health.