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Bone Renewal

Bone Renewal


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Pure Synergy Bone Renewal - plant-based nutrients for optimal bone health dietary supplement 150 capsules.

Osteoporosis is a common problem in western cultures where the diet and lifestyle leads to inflammation.  Inflammation then triggers various processes in the body including leaching minerals from bones.  So, to really address osteoperosis, the root causes of inflammation must be addressed.  In patients who are having trouble getting to the root cause of their inflammation or perhaps it will take awhile to get there, adding in natural forms of vitamins and minerals that support bone health is an option.  Bone Renewal from Pure Synergy contains non-synthetic forms of plant based, bio-available nutrients which means the body can readily absorb, recognize and utilize these nutrients to encourage good bone mineralization.  Just adding some form of supplemental calcium is not the answer.  The body needs all the minerals in balance.  Also naturally occurring vitamin D helps the body to hold onto more calcium and vitamin K helps direct that calcium to the bone and teeth.  Be sure to consume these supplmental nutrients with a well balance, low inflammatory diet along with some weight bearing exercise for optimal results.