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iDetox was created to address the prevalent condition of iron overload while also providing necessary cellular protection. It supports the body’s pathways for detoxification while providing essential nutrients for health.

  • Improves iron balance
  • Optimizes energy levels
  • Promotes immune function
  • Reduces cellular inflammation

iDetox binds the excess, unbound iron and removes it from the body while helping to bring balance to the immune system and providing cellular protection to the body.

Your body has an elaborate “recycling” system for iron utilization, as it must be properly bound with an enzyme to allow for bioavailability. Due to mineral deficiencies and imbalances, combined with excess synthetic vitamin utilization and toxin exposures most people do not have sufficient quantities of the vital enzyme needed. Due to this, your body is forced to store excess, unbound iron in tissue. This creates the “spark” for oxidation to occur and cellular inflammation begins. This inflammation, much like a burning fire, can expand and limit your body’s health and well-being.

The iSolutions store is the first place to go to take advantage of the benefits of iDetox. IDetox provides a way for you to potentially reduce iron overload pro-actively.

It also offers a viable option for those who cannot or will not donate blood. Utilizing this all-natural product can lower your chances of incurring iron overload. iDetox includes key ingredients to keep your iron levels balanced and potentially reduce iron overload. These ingredients work together to inhibit the wrong amounts of iron and balance iron absorption within your bloodstream to potentially combat iron toxicity. Here’s what you can expect:

Lactoferrin (250mg)

Colostrum (200mg)

Rice Bran (100mg)

Sodium Bicarbonate (150 mg)

iDetox was formulated using time-proven ingredients in their purest form sourced locally in the United States with no preservatives.

We strive to create a new standard in health. iDetox is manufactured in a cGMP certified/FDA registered facility with a full team of practitioners and chemists as we know health is much more than taking a pill. Our goal is simple – “Building Better Health”.